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Tai Chi for Arthritis And Fall Prevention


with Dennis Fallo

Calendar Next available session starts Sep 17, 2020 at 9 am, runs for 6 weeks


Experience Sun style Tai Chi in this easy and enjoyable beginner's program designed by Dr. Paul Lam.  Improve balance, focus, fall prevention, health, and wellness.  The program is approved by the Arthritis Foundation, The CDC, as well as other organizations.  Please wear loose clothing and flat-bottom footwear suitable for exercise.

Four Seasons Basket


with Christine Smith

Calendar Next available session starts Sep 17, 2020 at 6:30 pm, runs for 2 weeks

The whole set of Four Seasons Baskets in now available.  It makes a great set of storage baskets that look great together on a shelf.  If you already have one or two, you can finish your set.  If you have more to do than you can finish in this class, you can take a kit home or come to the Basket Finishing class.  Another option is to put a different tree on each side of one basket.  Each basket measures about 11" across and 8" high.  Materials fee of $20 (cash please) is payable to the instructor at class.

Spanish Basics


with Angie Lambert

Calendar Next available session starts Sep 17, 2020 at 6:30 pm, runs for 6 weeks

Come and enjoy a fun and interesting class.  Explore the basics of Spanish. Although the focus will be on speaking and listening, you will also develop your reading and writing skills.  Let's talk about culture, art, food and fun. Get ready for your next trip!

scaefun     scaea.lambert

Mind - Body Weight Loss System


with Carolann Cliche

Calendar Next available session starts Sep 22, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 2 weeks

This is a proven weight-loss system that the instructor uses with clients in her professional practice.  It includes a holistic diet plan that is easy to follow, teaches powerful NLP Neurolinguistics techniques for changing your eating habits; choosing healthy foods, eating smaller portions, cutting out junk foods, stopping emotional stress eating. It works with your own body’s ideal weight and improves self body image. NLP has the power to change how you think about food - permanently, making all these positive changes permanent!  It includes a powerful NLP Recordable Therapy Script for home use that helps reinforce healthy habits and steady weight loss.  BONUS:  20 minute NLP therapy session in class to change eating habits!  

Materials:  Workbook $20 (cash please) payable to the instructor at class.

Carolann Cliche holds a diploma in CAM Complimentary Alternative Medicine. She is a CAM Pain Management Practitioner and has certification as a master medical Hypnotherapist since 1998 helping hundreds of clients achieve their wellness goals. She offers a variety of natural wellness programs, mindfulness meditation training and Opiate-Free Pain Management. 


Meditation in Motion


with Cindy Simon

Calendar Next available session starts Sep 30, 2020 at 12:15 pm, runs for 4 weeks

This unique opportunity includes walking meditation, yoga/stretching/tai chi movements (in a chair or moving), as well as mindfulness exercises for improving awareness of each moment, for listening, observing, breathing, being still, and calm.

scaesimon     scaefit   scaewell

Advanced Google Analytics


with U Got Class LERN

Calendar Next available session starts Oct 5, 2020 , runs for 4 weeks

A project and activity based course, you will get the opportunity to practice with Google Analytics for more advanced learning and skill development.  Your instructor will work with you on implementing  Google Analytics for your own website. You will come away wiith the skills necessary for employing this most useful tool.

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Applying Lean sigma Practices to HR Functions


with U Got Class LERN

Calendar Current session started Jul 6, 2020 , runs for 4 weeks
1 additional session on Oct 5, 2020

Develop the mindset of Lean Operational Excellence, an advanced problem solving approach that facilitates continuous improvement within the organization through the identification and elimination of waste. Lean principles can also be used to streamline processes in the human resource functions such as recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and managing performance.  Find out about Lean concepts, tools, and methods with which you can benchmark and assess problems, and lead continuous improvement efforts to resolve them.  After taking this course you will have an expanded capacity to facilitate small groups and teams using Lean Process Improvement principles and methodologies to create change within your organization.

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Basic Programming Concepts


with U Got Class LERN

Calendar Current session started Jul 6, 2020 , runs for 4 weeks
1 additional session on Oct 5, 2020

With virtually every organization now involved or even dependent on programming, managing or working with programmers is now an important part of your toolkit. If you wish to communicate technically with programming teams or wish to code a bit yourself, this certificate is for you. Begin by learning about how programming works, including processes, timelines and how projects are planned.  Then learn the basic concepts of programming, so you can communicate more effectively with programmers and techies.  Finally, pick up the communication strategies to make your projects more successful, creating a win-win situation for both you and your programmers. 

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