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CERTIFICATE Medical Transcription
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CERTIFICATE Medical Transcription


with Academy of Medical Professionals

Calendar Current session started Jul 1, 2022

This course is an online course.

Turn dictated medical information into typed records through the use of various types of equipment (micro-cassette recorders, Wav files, telephone systems and C-phones).  Receive verbal information and type that it into a word processing program accurately, using the format specified by the provider (SOAP notes, discharge summaries, and other report forms).  Basic computer skill is a must, as are basic typing skills and knowledge of commonly used word processing programs.  Most doctors or transcription companies ask for a minimum of 60 WPM.  Many employers now use the Internet, which gives you the opportunity to work from home without having to drop off and pick up tapes.

This class can be taken anytime.

Contact SCAE at about registering for this class.  SCAE will forward your contact info to the Academy of Medical Professions and they will reach out to complete your registration!

Pharmacy Technician National Certification with PTCB
Online Registration Unavailable

Pharmacy Technician National Certification with PTCB


with Academy of Medical Professionals

Calendar Current session started Jul 1, 2022 , runs for 14 weeks

This is an online course.

This 14-week program prepares you to pass the certification exam.  This program is active for one year from date of activation, allowing time to complete the program and to review for the exam.  Pharmacy techs help with day-to-day services (preparing meds, answering phones, receiving and verifying prescriptions, counting tablets, taking refill requests, and much more).  Excellent communication skills and customer service are essential.  You must have the ability to learn and retain procedural processes and apply them quickly and accurately.  Learn one-on-one with an instructor (with constant contact) as you go through your weekly assignments.

This course can be taken anytime.

Rebuilding Energy & Endurance at any age


with Carole Freeman

Calendar Current session started Jan 1, 2023

We are so excited to offer this wonderful series of courses with Carole Freeman of York.  Each class is a "stand-alone & self-paced" session that you can register for and then take at your own convenience!  Monday morning, Sunday afternoon, Friday night?  It's up to you!  Each class has a specific focus with information & exercises unique to its topic.

Rebuilding Energy & Endurance at any age

Yes, it’s true, you can, literally, breathe new life into your body!

Every cell in your body is dependent on oxygen to create energy. And the amount of oxygen available to every cell in your body and brain is dependent on the breath. To be even more specific, dependent on the quality of your breathing pattern and function. This class will train you, and your entire respiratory system, to be more efficient at delivering blood, oxygen, glucose, and nutrients to all those cells. Whether you’re an athlete or not, the secret to greater strength and endurance starts and ends with the strength of your respiratory system. No matter how long you train, or how hard you work out, when your breathing gives out - your body follows.

The class is presented as if the student will give themselves at least 3-6 weeks to implement the exercises & techniques.


Carole Freeman, B.S. RRT, Breathing Specialist

Carole’s background has been equal portions of respiratory therapy, exercise physiology, and massage therapy.  Her career as a respiratory therapist began at Loma Linda University Medical Center where she discovered that most adult patients were in the hospital because of poor lifestyle choices. That inspired her to attend graduate school at LLUMC, majoring in Health Sciences. She now focuses her work in a relatively new field of pulmonary medicine - recognizing and treating breathing disorders.  She has personally benefitted from improved breathing patterns, “I have found that each day I was mindful of my breathing pattern, I gained more energy, and my breathing became easier. It felt like I was turning the clock back as I continued to gain strength and endurance.”

Breath-Taking Online is a school that encompasses the entire field of this branch of medicine. Carole’s mission is to share this information, along with personal experience and background, to help others breathe easier and feel healthier, too.


Indoor Walking at Willard School

Calendar Current session started Jan 3, 2023 at 3 pm

Grab your steps-counting app on your phone, and spend a few evenings weekly walking indoors with us at Willard School.  SCAE has two floors, so you'll be able to get a good stretch along the hallways, and also add in some stairs!  Don't let the darkness of autumn keep you from getting your steps in!  Just stop in at the office for signing in (and out!).  You can even keep track of your steps on our sign in form.  We're looking forward to seeing you.

Rebuilding Energy and Endurance At Any Age/Live Zoom
Registration Unavailable

Rebuilding Energy and Endurance At Any Age/Live Zoom


with Carole Freeman

Live Zoom 3 hour classes for 4 weeks, Yes it't true you can litterally breathe new life into your body.


Intro to Hula Hoop Dance Workshop


with Jazmin Jade

Calendar Next available session starts Apr 4, 2023 at 6:30 pm

Join Jazmin for this 90-minute workshop and learn how to dance with a hula hoop! Discover the basics of hula hooping, both on and off the body, all while incorporating dance moves, giving basic hula hooping your own personal style and flair. Hooping is a great low impact cardio workout with lots of health benefits. Hooping is known as movement meditation, and a movement of self expression. Leave this class feeling joy because of all of those boosted endorphins, and with a couple cool new party tricks to show your friends and family! Hula hoops will be available for purchase at the workshop. Wear form fitting clothing, and be sure to bring a water bottle. 

Mind-Body Weight Loss System-Zoom


with Carolann Cliche

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 9, 2023 at 6 pm

This self-directed online program designed to "reboot" your mind and body to lose stubborn weight. It has 2 components: a scientifically-proven holistic diet food plan and mind-body techniques to eliminate unhealthy eating habits, stress and emotional eating, overeating and junk food cravings that sabotaged your weight loss efforts in the past. It stops the habits of weight cycling (yo-yo diet syndrome) and diet failure. *Cost Includes my 75pg diet eBook "The Mind-Body Weight Solution", and free 30-day coaching support. BONUS 30-min NRT weight losss threapy session (in-class) to jumpstart your weight loss goals (you can record for home use)

CPR & BLS (Advanced)


with Thomas Miskell, Jr.

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 25, 2023 at 9 am, runs for 1 week

CPR and BLS (Basic Life Support) This is an advanced course for people in public service as a paid or volunteer first rsponder. Enhance your basic CPR and AED skills learning how to better manage breathing, airways and drug overdoses.  Course meets requirements for first responders, lifeguards and others who may need or want more advanced medical training. Course fee includes American Heart Association CPR card. (This instructor is AHA and ASHI Certified) 


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