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Sanford Community Adult Education

Women's Health Series

with Carole Freeman


There are five classes in this session.   This class is an online ZOOM.

You will learn how breathing is different for women and why it matters, how to manage pain and stress through breathing techniques, how female sex hormones influence your breathing and health, how to prevent and treat pelvic floor dysfunction, and how to cope with menopause symptoms.  This class will empower you to take charge of your health and well-being by understanding and improving your breathing habits.

10/16/23 - Yes, Breathing is different for women

The field of science and research has predominantly focused on male subjects. However, gender differences do affect breathing control and vulnerability to illness.  Women recover faster from hypoxia and respond differently to sleep apnea and heart rate variability.  The time for investigating respiratory health in 2,000 men and only 29 women has passed.

Topics:  What is dysfunctional breathing?  Sleep-disordered breathing.  Anxiety Disorders.  Women's Hormones and sports, Asthma.

10/18/23 - Conditions and Breathing in Women.

This perception differs depending on the concentration of sex hormones in the body, and dysfunctional how to build Respiratory muscle strength.  How to breathe for optimal endurance.  Reduce shortness of breath when active; What most people do wrong when exercising.  Why are you fatigued?

Topics:  Fibromyalgia, Back pain, TMJ, Migraines.

10/23/23 - Female sex hormones

Women with PMS have a higher-than-normal sensitivity to CO2 perhaps caused by progesterone, resulting in "pronounced hyperventilation" and that the hyperventilation is responsible for PMS symptoms.  That same over-breathing contributes to anxiety and can derail our stress management strategies.

Topics:  PMS and hyperventilation.  How female hormones complicate stress management strategies.  How to have deeper sexual orgasms.  Anxiety during and after pregnancy.  Infertility and breathing.

10/25/23 - Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The pelvic floor muscles and respiratory diaphragm are structurally and functionally connected by fascia and muscles that control urine flow.

Topics:  The connection between the breath, pelvic floor function, and sacroiliac joint stability.  Why do I pee when I sneeze or cough?  How to strengthen pelvic floor muscles with Kegal exercises and stop urinary leakage.  How back pain and breathing difficulties related to pelvic floor dysfunction.  How breathing coordinates with the pelvic floor to stabilize posture and improve core strength.

10/30/23 - Managing Menopause

Women who smoke enter menopause about a year and a half earlier than those who don't.  This already points to an obvious link between menopause and overall well-being and more specifically, respiratory health.

Topics:  Impact of Hormone replacement therapies on the breath.  Onset of Asthma.  Osteoporosis.  Slow deep breathing and menopause symptoms.


  • Oct 16: Oct 16 - 30th, 2023
    Mon and Wed for 3 weeks from 6:00 - 7:30 pm

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