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Pharmacy Technician Certificate with PTCB national certification


with Academy of Medical Professionals

Calendar Current session started Mar 4, 2021 , runs for 20 weeks

This class is distinctly online.

Year round online course, open enrollment. 

Work one-on-one with a Pharmacy Technician Trainer and entirely online with support from a Pharmacy Technician and Trainer.  The Pharmacy Technician is one of the fastest growing jobs in health care today.  In this course, you will learn everything from the role of the technician in the pharmacy setting, to the basic sciences at the core of pharmacy practice, to preparing for the PTCB exam.  You will learn complete drug information that includes proper name, spelling and pronunciation, drug class, generic and trade name, route of administration, dosage, and more of hundreds of drugs.  You will be able to identify pills on sight with pill photos, gain a better understanding of how certain drugs work within the body with concise review of relevant anatomy and physiology, and stay up to date with cutting-edge pharmacy practice with the latest information on new drugs, regulations, HIPAA guidelines and safety procedures.  You will be ready to pass your PTCB nationals certification which is included in the cost.  Cost of certificate is $2050 which includes all materials.  Payment plans are available.  

Please email for specific information and registration for this class.



Contact Tracing Training


with U Got Class LERN

Calendar Next available session starts Apr 5, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks
3 additional sessions through Jun 7, 2021

     According to the Medscape Coronavirus Resource Center, at least 44 states and the District of Columbia have begun expanding their contact tracing workforce. To help meet the need for training for contact tracers, we are offering this course, based on CDC and public health guidelines.  This contact tracer training will provide you with a skill which is in demand on the job market.  While taking this training does not guarantee that you will become employed as a contact tracer, the information and skills you learn in the course will provide you with skills necessary to be considered for employment.

Course Objectives

-To introduce students to the field of Contact Tracing

-To provide background information on virus transmission

-To teach the ethical issues surrounding Contact Tracing

-To teach communication skills necessary for effective contact tracing

-To provide avenues for seeking employment as contact tracers.

Course Outcomes - At the end of this course, you will:

-Be knowledgeable regarding the transmission of viruses

-Be familiar with the Covid-19 virus

-Learn effective communicaiton skills for contact tracing

-Be ready to seek employment as a Contact Tracer


     Unit 1: Introduction to Contact Tracing

o   Contact Tracing

o   Cases, Contacts, Isolation and Quarantine

o   High Risk Situations

     Unit 2:   Basics of Covid-19

o   SARS-CoV-2 Virus

o   Risk Factors for Severe Disease

o   Diagnosis and Transmission Prevention

     Unit 3:   Ethics and Effective Communication Skills for Contact Tracers

o   Privacy, Confidentiality and Other Ethical Issues

o   Establishing Rapport through Effective Communication

o   Addressing Complexities

      Unit 4: :   Investigating and Tracing Contacts

o   Basic Steps of Contact Tracing

o   Case and Contact Calls

o   Job Opportunities for Contact Tracers

Spanish for Medical Professionals


with U Got Class LERN

Calendar Next available session starts Apr 5, 2021 , runs for 8 weeks
3 additional sessions through Sep 7, 2021

Are you frustrated by the communication gap that can occur between you and your Spanish-speaking patients? If you answered yes, this Spanish class - designed specifically for healthcare professionals - will help you bridge that gap. You will practice the basic, practical language skills needed to effectively communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients and their families. You will learn the basics of the language, gain an understanding of the culture, and know how to ask the questions crucial to quality healthcare. 

Whether you speak some Spanish and need a refresher, or speak no Spanish, you will complete the course with the skills you will need to effectively communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients. 

NOTE: Students will also need to order an eBook for under $15, or the paperback book version (please see book information below).

Students will purchase (on their own) McGraw-Hill Education Complete Medical Spanish, 3rd Edition: ISBN-13: 978-0071841887. The eBook version is available at You can also purchase the paperback book version if you wish, available from numerous sources including Amazon.

Phlebotomy (CPT certification)
Online Registration Unavailable

Phlebotomy (CPT certification)


with Academy of Medical Professionals

Calendar Next session starts Jun 1, 2021 at 6:30 pm
1 additional session

This class is distinctly online.

Phlebotomy techs draw blood for testing to help in detection and diagnosis of disease, transfusion, donations and research.  They are employed in hospitals, clinics, private practices, diagnostic laboratories and blood banks.


Dental Assistant
Online Registration Unavailable

Dental Assistant


with Kelly Rose

Calendar Next session starts Jun 14, 2021 at 6 pm, runs for 12 weeks
1 additional session

This class is distinctly online.

10 Week Certificate program in Dental Assisting for one of the most high-demand careers.  This program is designed to teach all aspects of dental assisting and provide you the skills you need to work in this field and pass a national certification exam.  This program is taught by a Dentist and includes an opportunity for internships.  The price of the course, $2500, includes all books, exam preparation materials and fees for the DANB RHS certificate program.  Upon passing the DANB RHS, you will receive a certificate of knowledge on competency for that component from DANB. Payment plans available. 

Please email for specific information and registration for this class.

Onsite live broadcoast and live location:  Sanford Community Adult Education



Medical Coding with CPC Certification
Online Registration Unavailable

Medical Coding with CPC Certification


with Academy of Medical Professionals

Calendar Next session starts Jun 14, 2021 at 6 pm
1 additional session

This class is distinctly online.

20 week, in-depth, State-Certified Certificate program in medical coding. This program is designed to teach all aspects of medical coding and provide you the skills you need to become nationally certified and get into the job market as a Certified Coder.  This certificate program is taught by a Certified Medical Coder and includes Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, CPC exam, AAPC membership, 3 practice CPC tests and all books.  Basic computer skills are required.  Payment plans available.  Program cost:  $3750


Please email for specific information and registration for this class.

Onsite live broadcast location: Sanford Community Adult Education



Blended BHP-Behavioral Health Professional
Online Registration Unavailable

Blended BHP-Behavioral Health Professional


with Lisa Blanchette

Our community is looking for individuals who want to make a difference in a child’s life.

Children’s Behavioral Health Services are vital to Maine’s children with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health Disorders and their families. And the need in our area is great!

As an integral part of the child’s treatment team, a Certified Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) has the opportunity to make an immediate impact while helping a child grow and develop to their full potential.

SCAE is excited to connect our community with Woodfords Family Service for this wonderful ONLINE training program. The online training will equip you to successfully help children who are currently on a wait list for services. The training will prepare you for employment through local social services agencies. The program can be started at any time (in order to qualify for the FREE course, you must register by 6/30/21 and finished at your own pace (up to one year).

You will complete 12 online modules, then three 4-hour live sessions, including the new ethics and boundaries training.  Once the modules are completed, you will receive free online blood borne pathogen training and virtual First Aid & CPR training if you do not already possess those certifications. The entire training requirements will take about 45 hours.

You must be 18, have a valid Social Security number, an email address, and be able to provide proof of High School Completion.

Click the registration button and your email address will be sent to an SCAE staff member that will be in touch with you to coordinate the documentation you need and collect the $25 admin fee 

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