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Sanford Community Adult Education

Women's Health and Fitness 101

with Carole Freeman


There are four classes in this session.   This class is an online ZOOM.

or women of ALL fitness levels and ages who want to regain their energy and stamina, be more active, and enjoy life. Because women are different hormonally and anatomically, they benefit from different strategies and training.  For example, women's lungs and airways are smaller than men's of the same size.  Smaller airways create air turbulence which can make it harder to breathe during exercise.  After the 4 Zoom classes, the students are invited to join a Facebook community if they wish to for continued resources and group support.  Carole will continue to be available to encourage, interact with and answer questions until the end of the year.  

10/17/23 - The Ins & Outs of Optimal Breathing

What if you're breathing all wrong?  Establishing a starting point.  How to calm your breathing when you feel short of breath.  How to increase oxygenation to the body and brain.  The impact of hormones on your training;  What most people do wrong when exercising.  How to tell if your diaphragm is working for you, or against you.

10/19/23 - Respiratory Muscle Strength Determines Endurance

How to build Respiratory muscle strength.  How to breathe for optimal endurance.  Reduce shortness of breath when active; What most people do wrong when exercising.  Why are you fatigued?

10/24/23 - New Rules For Cardio and Stamina

 Reduce the risk of injury. Improve oxygenation to muscles and brain.  Reduce load on the heart.  Improve the body's ability to burn fat.  What happens when people "Hit the Wall."  How important is stretching?  Reversibility, use it or lose it.

10/26/23 - Core Strength Training

The Concept of "Core Strength" (doing more sit=ups) misses the true foundation of Core Stability: the breath.

How optimal breathing will improve balance?  How your posture affects your core strength and stability.  The importance of core strength.  How to build core strength without hurting your back.  How your breathing pattern determines spinal and pelvic stability.  Tracking your 10-week journey.

  • Oct 17: Oct 17 - 26th, 2023
    Tue and Thu for 2 weeks from 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Online - ZOOM

For directions, call us at (207) 490-5145

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