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Sanford Community Adult Education

Student's Guide to Building Brain Power

with Carole Freeman


We are so excited to offer this wonderful series of courses with Carole Freeman of York.  Each class is a "stand-alone & self-paced" session that you can register for and then take at your own convenience!  Monday morning, Sunday afternoon, Friday night?  It's up to you!  Each class has a specific focus with information & exercises unique to its topic.  

Student's Guide to Building Brain Power

Give yourself an advantage with greater brain power

School is hard. Let's face it, you will never get more out of school than you are able to put into it. Getting a good education takes your best effort, physically and mentally.

This course is not about learning memory tricks, it's about changing the chemistry and physiology of your brain and its capability for learning by improving blood flow, oxygenation, and nutrient delivery. Learn how your Autonomic Nervous System can be balanced with your Respiratory System to allow you to feel calmer and more focused under pressure with improved concentration.


Carole Freeman, B.S. RRT, Breathing Specialist

Carole’s background has been equal portions of respiratory therapy, exercise physiology, and massage therapy.  Her career as a respiratory therapist began at Loma Linda University Medical Center where she discovered that most adult patients were in the hospital because of poor lifestyle choices. That inspired her to attend graduate school at LLUMC, majoring in Health Sciences. She now focuses her work in a relatively new field of pulmonary medicine - recognizing and treating breathing disorders.  She has personally benefitted from improved breathing patterns, “I have found that each day I was mindful of my breathing pattern, I gained more energy, and my breathing became easier. It felt like I was turning the clock back as I continued to gain strength and endurance.”

Breath-Taking Online is a school that encompasses the entire field of this branch of medicine. Carole’s mission is to share this information, along with personal experience and background, to help others breathe easier and feel healthier, too.


  • Spring-Summer 2022
    Class is canceled
  • Fall 2022 session: Sep 1 - Dec 31st, 2022
  • Winter Session : Jan 1 - Mar 31st, 2023

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