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Sanford Community Adult Education

Intellectual Property Law for Engineers 10/15

with Center for Legal Studies


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Engineers should be knowledgeable about patent law.  This constitutionally-based discipline has to do with the process by which an invention, and its creator, are protected by the law from infringement and unfair competition.  This class will deal with patent applications, research and prosecution; the law of infringement, and computer applications of software (protected by copyright) and hardware (by patents).  The class will also cover what other concepts are patented, as well as machines, processes, mixtures, manufacturing, compositions of materials and methods of doing business and research.  Utility patents, design patents, plant patents will be covered.  It will deal with copyright, trademark, trade design, trade secrets and business methods.  Books:  $134


  • Oct 15 - Nov 30th, 2018
    for 7 weeks

Online Class

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